Four App Store SEO Skills to Make Your Mobile Marketing Success

By | April 19, 2017

Have you tried to use app store seo to optimize your app? As you know, App Store Optimization plays an important role in the mobile marketing. That is to say, App needs ASO, just like web needs SEO. So if you want to do a successful app, the first thing you should do is that improve your ASO. This post will introduce four simple skills to make your app discovered by more people.

There are four app store optimization tips for you, check out as follows:


keywords are the foundation for getting apps found in various app stores. Of course, start with a keyword in the app title, and choose it wisely. One big change to the Apple App Store was limiting the character count from 255 to 50 characters. This means tightening your word choice; the idea is to find the correct balance between the app’s name and some keywords. Remember, this will also be your app’s URL, so choose wisely.

The App Store limits keywords to 100 and each word should be separated by a comma with no spaces. Remember two things when choosing keywords for your app: relevancy and competition. Make sure your keywords are relevant to the app’s purpose and chase less-competitive longer-tail keywords instead of broad ones that will be harder to rank for. Also, use numerals instead of written numbers to save space and include normal typos found online.

2. Screenshots Matter

Screenshots is the first impression a potential user sees when visiting an app store. Your first screenshot is your elevator pitch and should clearly and quickly explain the essence of your app and its value proposition. Only use high-resolution screenshots and make sure they explain what the app is about. Also, try to show any social proof with clear and positive customer opinion.

3. Keep Things Fresh

Keep things fresh with regard to not only updating the app’s functionality but all app store components: screenshots, app descriptions and keywords. We recommend that people check these factors every quarter. Take customer feedback into consideration when updating ASO; that old adage that the “customer knows best” speaks even more truth in app stores. Listen to what they are saying and continue to build out the functionality of your app.

As for ASO, keywords will change as your business does and you’ll always want to stay on top of trends happening within your industry. This can be a simple screenshot change or attractive keywords for seasonally products/services like holiday shopping deals or spring grass cutting. Remember to also use bullet points in your app descriptions for easier reading and understanding of your app’s functionality.

4. App Reviews And Ratings

This is one of the most frustrating parts of ASO because developers/app owners have zero control over the reviewing/rating process within app stores. It’s simple: Higher ratings equal higher rankings within the app stores. There will always be negative reviews/ratings, so what’s the best way to deal with them?

The most optimal solution is to have users provide feedback to app developers directly through your app. In-app feedback is a great way to keep complaints in-house and allows developers to tweak functionality without having the negative comments online. Many tools exist that provide in-app pop-up boxes for ratings. These tools can also help UX by providing an outlet for them to rate quickly and provide immediate feedback to developers.

Follow these four tips for ASO and do not forget to always study what your biggest competitors are doing. is a professional ASO services website, which is not only offering free useful ASO tips, but also providing app store optimization service. To increase your app’s prominence on search engines, appstoreaso will help you out!

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