What Factors Should be Considered When Practicing ASO?

By | April 12, 2017

As the growing number of apps hit to the Apple App Store, it is critical that developers have to improve their App Store optimization. Have you tried some ASO tips for your app? And do you know what should be pay attention to when you practice ASO? This post will help you to solve these questions. Besides, we are offering best app store optimization service for you as long as you need.

To boost ASO, we’ve collected some main factors that you should consider as follows.

1. App Title: This is the most important feature. For app store optimization, the best app titles are ones that provide specific context with a mix of unique and popular keywords. Make sure that it is unique and creative but also employs keywords and is short. With a maximum of 50 characters, tell users what your app does in the most concise way, or you risk them moving on to the next.

2. App Description: the second most important feature. You should describe exactly what the app does. Finding the balance between too much and too little information here is key. Don’t sell yourself short, but ensure you cover off all the important bits whilst maximizing your keyword count.

3. App Keywords: Choosing the right keywords requires understanding your market, your competitors and popular search phrases. Choose keywords that are relevant with high search frequency.

4. App Reviews and Ratings: We know that your app’s ratings and reviews have a significant effect on your ranking. Thus making the analysis of your reviews to gain insights a crucial step in ASO. Understanding how users view your app can give you insights, and help to identify key themes.

5. App Logo and Screenshots: Capture the user’s imagination with your logo and screenshots. Your logo should stand out from the crowd. And think of your screenshots as another space on which to advertise. They don’t necessarily need to be in app shots.

6. App Category: It is crucial that choosing a primary and secondary category for your app, which can lead you to the right user. It can also sway your app ranking depending on the level of competition in that category.

As you know, App store SEO is a low-cost method to increase app exposure when you do not have a large budget. So improving your App store optimization skill is a good way to make your app stand out in the app store. If you want to know more aso services, just contact us!

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