How to Make Your App Easily Accessible on the App Store

By | April 7, 2017

Are you an app developer? Do you want to make your app more visible to the public? Here we will get some app store seo tips for improving your app rank. In fact, having an app that captures attention is not enough. Your app should also be able to keep people interested for a long time.  This post will show you the details of how to make your app easily accessible on the app store, please focus on it!

There are four different ways that you can pay attention to:

First, you should consider the Length Of Your App title. Developers used to have up to 225 number of characters, but now, it has been restricted to less than a 100, which is a good thing. Someone looking for an app and comes across two, one with a shorter title and the other long; with both purportedly doing the same job, would not bother to read the longer one.

Also, using more keywords than necessary would decrease their density on the algorithm. But when the keywords are just right, the algorithm would use them to rate your app on a rank higher than those of apps with many keywords. About three to five keywords in addition to your app title would suffice.

Second, you need to insert The Necessary Keywords. The algorithm on the app store uses the number of keywords on an app to rank it on the mobile store. Therefore, you should integrate keywords with little or no competition and frequent search traffic, as this would increase your app’s chances of being easily discoverable. Also, you do not have to keep repeating keywords, as the app store uses only one for ranking purpose.

Third, do you know how to Arrange Keywords. It is a possibility that strategic placement of keywords, would increase your app presence on the store. So, it is suggested that you place your most important keywords in front, before the others.

Fourth, you should make the Updates be frequently and systematically. There are already millions of apps on mobile stores and every day, more are added. This is why you should be mindful of updates. Your app store optimization (ASO) should be updated alongside other app features, and changes should be effected once in a while, for your app to keep being relevant in the app market.

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