Google Added Tappable Search Shortcuts to Its Mobile App

By | March 23, 2017

Attention Here. Google redesigned its mobile app and website with tappable search shortcuts. The redesign adds shortcut access underneath the search box. More details are available in the following contents. BTW, there are many professional app store seo guides on our site.

Shortcuts allows users to tap the icons to get the latest weather, movie times, sports scores, restaurant recommendations and other general requests. It will live alongside Google’s typical cards interface for ongoing updates, but they’ll also provide quick access to sections like entertainment, sports scores, and nearby restaurants or ATMs.

The app will learn from your tapping habits, so Google will place the most used shortcuts on the homepage and Android users can tap an arrow to see the other available options. The shortcuts can be thought of as mini apps which are launched via the main app.

Google’s Android and iOS mobile apps will both include the new shortcuts, but the Android version will also include access to a currency converter, solitaire, tip calculator, roll a die, and all important animal sounds for when you need to goof around.

The tools that now have shortcuts aren’t new features. However, in the past, they weren’t front and center for mobile users. By turning its app into both a search tool and an app launcher, Google has organized its robust web toolkit into a simplified, tappable interface. This makes it easier for users to find information quickly and to discover new content, which could help to improve mobile engagement.

You have to download the latest version of the Google app if you want to get tappable shortcuts. We will keep on updating the latest mobile app news. In addition, we can also offer good aso services to boost ios trending searches! Contact us now!

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