Follow The Steps of 2017 ASO Development Trends To Increase App Downloads

By | March 15, 2017

As the professional platform for app store data analysis, appstoreaso can provide you Apple App Store Top Charts data, top ASO optimization analysis and data query tool. BTW, top free app store seo guides and tips are also available here. The higher app ranking can get more app downloads.

There are a number of factors used to determine your rank in an app store. App icon should be beautiful, unique and should grab the attention of the user. Keywords decide where you rank. Research them properly and identify the list of top keywords you want to rank for. Although you’d naturally want to go for popularly-used keywords, this will increase the number of competitors you have. A good idea is to go for popular keyword combinations that aren’t frequently used.

App store ranking algorithms take keywords from the app description into account, so include your main target keywords here. The first few lines of the description are extremely important as those are the ones people see without clicking on read more. Make this compelling enough so that they want to read more.

ASO service was designed from the ground up to establish relevancy for your app with certain important keywords. Before, ASO revolved primarily around your app’s title and keyword bank, with its description, screenshots and icon also coming into play.

In order to increase relevance for the words in your title and keyword bank, it was best to ensure that all of them were somehow related to your app. If you could elaborate in your description to explain how a word was relevant to your app, you had a better chance of landing a ranking for that word. Now developers should also consider Search Ads when conducting ASO.

Much of your iPhone app marketing success depends on the way you promote your app in the Apple App Store. The key to successful marketing lies in great advertising. Pull out all the stops on your advertising campaign and do everything you possibly can to gain your viewers’ attention. Think out of the box and offer your viewers a different experience of your app.

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