App Store Optimization Tips Updated with Easy Steps for 2017

By | January 24, 2017

There is no doubt that app store optimization service always played very important role along with promoting apps in the mobile app marketing. The higher rankings, more users and downloads make app designers trust the aso services much more. What we would like to introduce in this post is about the app store seo service update with several easy steps we mentioned earlier for 2017. Wish can be useful for you!

Everyday tons of new app store optimization guides being put into the market, but it will get harder for app developer to choose a perfect one. Remember, always do not ignore the easy steps, like keywords, the reviews etc.

Apple states that over 65% of app downloads come directly from searches on the App Store. It means app store search is the single most important way for users to download your app. It is even more important than being featured on a top chart, or on Apple’s featured screen. Remember that your keywords must be relevant to your app. Don’t be tempted to use a keyword just because it is popular, but not relevant to your app. You want your app to be found by users who will really download and enjoy your app.
With your initial set of keywords, you have to pick a strategy on how to filter for the right keywords. There are some keyword research tools that help you with this filtering process. They provide the difficulties (or chances) and traffic of your keywords. In any case, choose about 25 keywords carefully for the next release of your app.

App reviews don’t just happen by themselves. Today mobile App Stores are so crowded that having a flawless app is not enough to stand out from the crowd, so you either spend huge amounts of money to increase your app’s visibility or use app store ASO and ad campaigns to increase organic downloads of your app. As reported, consumers are 22% more likely to leave a review after a negative customer experience than a positive one. It is hard to get positive reviews because it demands effort from users but don’t worry, as the following are some useful tips to get good reviews.

Every developer wants their product to get good reviews, but the key point is to have a poker face about it when asking users to leave a review. Sometimes there is no fault in the app itself, but you can get bad reviews because of pushing users too much. So, don’t undermine the process of user experience with your app with annoying pop-ups. Give time to your users to explore your app’s good features first. A timely prompt is your best chance of getting good feedback, so catch them when they accomplish a task or win a contest in your app. Users are more likely to leave a good review after a good experience in your app.

Wish what we shared in this post will be helpful and useful for you. Feel free to share your ideas with us. What’s more, if you are interested in getting a place for the trending search, then the professional app store trending searches service on our site will be the best choice for you!

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