Having Higher App Ranking With App Store SEO

By | January 19, 2017

Many app makers keep close attention to mobile app development trend. There is no doubt that every app maker wants to develop the most popular app. However, users can not easily find your apps without higher app ranking. Read the following contents to get some professional app store seo guides to increase app ranking.

How to make your apps can be easily found among over thousands of apps in app store? The first thing you should know is how users discover apps. And some users like to download apps in the top charts. The most common way is to find apps by searching keywords. Your app’s search relevance is determined mostly by your app keyword. Keywords are a big part of ASO, Just like with classic SEO, having the right combination of a few important keywords not only helps you show up for searches but makes sure that your app is actually being found by people who want what your app has to offer. The best keywords are both relevant to your app and frequently searched, but the former outweighs the latter.

In addition, you also need to make your app getting featured. The best way to get an app featured is simply to build a great app. Apple’s curators are always looking for new apps that their users will be excited about. To that point, having a world class user experience goes a long way. Another thing that Apple’s editorial teams consider when choosing what apps to feature is whether an app takes advantage of Apple’s newest and most exciting tech. Remember, promoting an app in the App Store is also about promoting features that set iOS apart. Taking advantage of the newest APIs and functionalities can make your app more timely and relevant when Apple is choosing what apps to feature.

Anyway, hope this article could be helpful to increase app downloads. As a professional site for aso services, we will keep on updating the related articles about how to increase ios trending searches. Contact us if you need app store optimization service!

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